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Preparation of Financial Statements 

     If your entity does not have the manpower, capabilities, or time necessary to prepare its quarterly or annual financial statements, EC Barrett, LLC is here to assist you.  We can assist you in providing the financial statements that are required to meet loan covenants, governmental regulations, and other requirements.  Our professionals are well familiar with the reporting requirements under accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America and other reporting frameworks.  It is our goal to provide this service that minimizes the expense and the disruption of your employees’ time. We will coordinate with your personnel to identify the reporting requirements as well as other matters that you would like to disclose in the financial statements.  As part of our consulting procedures, we may identify reporting issues that the entity may want to consider in the future.  There are significant accounting pronouncements that will be effective soon, and the requirements under these pronouncements may require to the entity to changes its procedures in order to be compliance with them. 

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