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Audit of Financial Statements

     Our goal is to provide a meaningful and efficient audit for our clients as well as offering non-financial advice to maximize the performance of the Company. Our knowledgeable professionals will perform an audit that will provide financial information and recommendations in a format that is useful to internal management as well as external users. Beginning with the planning process and continuing through the issuance of the financial statements, we evaluate your business and offer professional insight on how to improve your company. 


     During the planning stage of the audit, we will learn your business and how it operates. This puts us in a position to identify weaknesses in your internal controls, which may prove to be very costly if undetected. This important stage of the audit will allow us to more effectively and efficiently audit your Company creating a process that is cost beneficial. 


    After the planning phase we will perform as many procedures as possible during the interim fieldwork phase. This phase, which occurs before year-end, will allow faster completion of your financial statements. 


    During the year-end fieldwork phase, our professionals will complete our audit procedures and issue your financial statements in a timely and efficient manner. At that time, we will communicate to management valuable recommendations for improving your efficiency and profitability. 

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